surveilLens’ case management solutions assist companies in the management of their entire case lifecycle by maintaining all relevant case data in a centralized content repository. This allows appropriate personnel to gather, analyze, make decisions on and archive data related to sensitive or protected internal and other confidential matters. With the ability to access to a wide range of information and analytic data, this solution ensures that investigations are completed efficiently and on a timely basis while adhering to corporate policies, regulations and industry standards.


  • Individual case folders for storing relevant documents and information by incident.
  • Integrated document viewer with robust markup capabilities.
  • Role-based user interface that merges information, process control, collaboration, and analytics.
  • Ease of access for permitted users and easy integration with other systems.
  • Focused analytical tools for decision support.
  • Mobile clients.
  • Cloud-delivery model if required.

The surveilLens solution can provide your organization’s decision makers the control and insight they need to resolve cases more effectively all while maintaining the requisite legal safeguards necessary to protect the information from outside third parties.