Policy & Procedure Management

Ensuring that employees understand key policies and undertake proper training

Policy and Procedure management is critical not only as a fundamental business best practice but also as an effective compliance measure. The challenge is to ensure that policies and processes are communicated effectively, employees are engaged with them and that employee interaction with policy and procedure software can be checked at any given point in time.

surveilLens Policy Management module allows organizations to house all their policies in whatever form they exist (written, video conference, online, live stream, etc.) in one central location for all employees and other third parties to access. By using surveilLens™ Policy Management, organizations are able to measure how well they are doing in meeting policy and training goals and benchmarks.

Key Features:

  • Portal allowing employees and third parties to access, review, and acknowledge that they have read and understood the organization’s policies.
  • Central storage point allowing employees to retrieve the most up to date policies at any point in time.
  • Creation of automatic reminders on a pre-established basis to be sent to both employees and third parties who have not reviewed policies and procedures. Appropriate managers may also be copied on these reminders to ensure better compliance.
  • Aggregation and presentation of results at organization, legal entity, geography and department level.
  • Dissemination of information based on user roles, departments and levels of authority. This ensures that employees and third parties receive only that information that is applicable to their respective functions.

Policy Management facilitates management action when one or more goals are not met. It also helps organizations in maintaining information to demonstrate which employees and third parties have certified understanding of policies and procedures. An organization should automate the policy and training management life cycle ensuring that all appropriate employees and third parties receive, confirm and acknowledge their understanding of the organization’s policies and training, and agree to adhere to those policies and complete training. Communication of policies, procedures and training throughout the organization should allow for sharing of documents in real-time enabling all employees and third parties to view and process the most current information.

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