Network Analysis


Network Analysis

In order to minimize financial and legal exposure as well as reputational risk, organization need a clear and holistic picture of potentially damaging relationships between their customers, employees, business partners, and other third parties.

The surveilLens network analysis solution aggregates and analyzes the result of third party diligence reviews along with third party and employee master data to identify connections amongst common parties or entities. The platform displays relationships in a graphical format providing the ability for entity link analysis. This allows the organization to obtain a complete picture of its third party relationships and prevent misconduct by third parties, employees or their associations.


  • Automatically imports data from watch lists to identify and automatically alert for potentially problematic relationships.
  • Visualization of multi level relationships.
  • Ability to drill down on specific relationships for previously flagged third parties.
  • Integrate data from all other modules in the platform.
  • Results from network analytics can serve as input into an organization’s risk assessment process.
  • Ability to input and identify fraud scheme patterns.